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From e-commerce to web apps, Pure Func offers a wide variety of services to choose from. Whether you're looking to upgrade your old site or start a custom project from scratch, our extensive menu of modern, relevant services will fulfill all of your web development needs.

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Custom Web Apps

Our custom web apps are more than just a pretty face. Equipped with powerful backend functionality along with gorgeous, responsive user interfaces, these websites can accomplish anything you need with elegance and speed. The Pure Func team has experience building a wide variety of custom web apps, also known as full stack websites, including admin systems, analytics dashboards, social networks, and so much more. See our full stack web development work in action for Level Up Tutorials . Get your custom QR code menu started with Code My Menu.

Level Up Tutorials website
  • Push the boundaries of the menu experience. Traditional paper menus force you to balance the trade off between space and content. QR code menus eliminate the space factor, allowing you to include images and details for every single item.

  • Give everyone the chance to explore your delicious dishes. PDF menus are not responsive, which means it takes a whole lot of zooming and scrolling to navigate them. Our QR menus are web pages, so they scale perfectly on almost any mobile device.

  • Efficiently add, remove, and edit your offerings. Updating paper menus can be costly and time-consuming, but websites are built to be changed. When you cook up new dishes or switch your seasonal offerings, QR code menus make the transition seamless.

E-Commerce Integration

Rack up sale after sale with a custom Shopify theme. Designed for your unique needs, our e-commerce sites offer all of the same benefits as our fast, adaptable brochure sites but with the added power of Shopify's seamless product listing and payment integration. Whether you're looking to start from scratch or add to your existing platform, our custom Shopify themes weave powerful e-commerce functionality right into your stunning site. See our e-commerce work in action for Rachio.

  • Reap the benefits of our JAMStack architecture, including speed, flexibility, and customization. Our quick loading times and custom functionality enhance the shopping experience for your valued customers and keep them coming back for more.

  • Use what you already have, or start from square one. If you're looking to expand your existing site into e-commerce, we can integrate a custom Shopify theme right into your platform. If you're new to the world wide web, no worries--our static site development and e-commerce services go hand-in-hand.

  • Join the community of over half a million Shopify sellers, and enjoy the immense support system and documentation that comes with it.

Rachio website

Custom Websites

Bold. Smooth. Modern. Showcase the best of your work, products, and services with a custom user interface designed to flatter your brand. Our static sites can be as simple or complex as you need, with the option to add in e-commerce with Shopify or manage content through your favorite CMS, including Wordpress, Contentful, Sanity, and more. Interested in a stunning static website but need it right away? Check out our semi-custom development services to get going right out of the box. See our custom website work in action for Tune & Flying Home Studio.

Tune Flying Home Studio website
  • Satisfy your niche needs in no time with rich support for APIs, widgets, and plugins. No matter what you're looking for, from customer reviews to contact forms, our team uses JAMStack architecture to add powerful functionality to your site without hurting its performance.

  • Tie in your preferred content management system (CMS) to seamlessly integrate new blog posts, photos, or portfolio pieces into your site. We're all about convenience, and we strive to make content management as simple as possible for all of our clients.

  • Reach an international audience. Our team's experience with multilingual compatibility ensures that your site will look and feel perfect for a diverse group of people, not just English speakers.

Interested in a stunning static website but need it right away?

Check out our semi-custom development services to get going right out of the box.

Refactoring and Consulting

Don't let development bottlenecks stifle your team's productivity. When you enlist our refactoring and consulting services, one of our experienced developers will step into your project and help you work through the issues that are holding you back. Whether you need to add difficult new features to your site, select the right languages and frameworks to get the job done, or learn about a popular new technology, our team can guide you through your roadblocks and equip you to conquer them on your own in the future.

Uninterrupted Progress

Move on from complicated issues without sacrificing your goals. Getting stuck on a problem outside of your team's skill set may seem hopeless, but our consulting services will help you keep pushing forward to meet your goals.

Empowerment for the Whole Team

Unlock new skills for your team. Through our mentorship and teaching opportunities, your team can grow in new directions and learn valuable, modern development skills.

A Firm Foundation

Save time by making the right architecture decisions. Work with our team to make sure you're picking the right languages, frameworks, and database structures for your app, crucial decisions that can make or break your future success.