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Stop settling for websites that sell your brand short. Here at Pure Func, we build sites that are just as modern and innovative as your company, and we specialize in crafting gorgeous user interfaces that never sacrifice performance. The bottom line? If you want a website that's exceptional in both form and function, you're in the right place.

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From business card sites to booming e-commerce platforms, our team offers a wide range of services that will meet all of your development needs. Go big with a brand-new full stack site, refresh your old design with a modern makeover, or hit the ground running with a semi-custom template—our highly skilled developers have got you covered.

E-Commerce Integration

Rack up sale after sale with a custom Shopify theme. Designed for your unique needs, our e-commerce sites offer all of the same benefits as our fast, adaptable brochure sites but with the added power of Shopify's seamless product listing and payment integration. Whether you're looking to start from scratch or add to your existing platform, our custom Shopify themes weave powerful e-commerce functionality right into your stunning site.

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Custom Full Stack Web Development

Our full stack websites are more than just a pretty face. Equipped with powerful backend functionality along with gorgeous, responsive user interfaces, these websites can accomplish anything you need with elegance and speed. The Pure Func team has experience building a wide variety of custom full stack websites, including admin systems, analytics dashboards, social networks, and so much more.

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const createUniversalPortal = (children: ReactNode) => {
  if (!(typeof window !== 'undefined' && window.document && window.document.createElement)) {
    return null
  let modalRoot = document.getElementById('modal-root')
  if (!modalRoot) {
    modalRoot = document.createElement('div')
    modalRoot.setAttribute('id', 'modal-root')
  return ReactDOM.createPortal(children, modalRoot)

const Portal = ({ children }: { children: ReactNode }) => createUniversalPortal(children)
javascript v.1.2.0

But Wait, There's More...

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Check out our full list of services to explore even more options. If you're still not sure that we're the right fit, get in touch with our team to chat about a custom solution.

Clients Trust Us

"Pure Func is able to achieve what other web developers can't. We needed a fast website with high value content and high quality photographs, smooth language switcher, and is mobile-friendly. Pure func delivered exactly what we needed! We are happy with the results and so are our clients!"

Tune Kantharoup - Flying Home Studio
Scott Tolinski of Level Up Tutorials

Featured Project: Level Up Tutorials

From interactive quizzes to admin UI, Pure Func has added several key new features to this popular web development learning platform. On the surface, we've crafted beautiful user interfaces for both customer-facing and employee-facing content, and under the hood, our highly modern tools and frameworks are just as elegant and high performing. Take a look at the site to see for yourself.

What Sets Us Apart

An Ultramodern Approach

We're constantly studying and experimenting with emerging, state-of-the-art technologies that will give your website a competitive edge. Our team leverages the latest and greatest frameworks, languages, and architectures to create the most performant solution possible.

Fully Custom Solutions

From loading times to error handling, the quality of your customer experience hinges on the quality of the code that powers it. That's why we craft every website from scratch, creating a fully custom masterpiece that fulfills all of your needs with speed and efficiency.

A Global Perspective

Our team has worked with clients from all over the world, accommodating a wide variety of timezones and languages. Whether you're already targeting an international audience or looking to expand, a global perspective is key for success in today's interconnected world.

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