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of menus.

The future of menus has arrived—don't get left behind. Our contactless, convenient QR code menus make it easy for your customers to explore your delicious dishes without risking their health and safety.

* Currently in beta but still accepting clients

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Update your offerings without all the hassle.

Switching up a paper menu can be tedious and expensive, even if you're just changing a few items! With our custom QR menus, adding more dishes, moving through the seasons, and trying new ingredients becomes simple and convenient.

Delight your customers with a squint-free dining experience.

With an image or a PDF menu, your customers are probably spending more time zooming and squinting than actually exploring what you have to offer. Our custom QR menus are compatible with almost any mobile device, giving every customer the chance to find their new favorite dish.

Find a plan that works for you.

Whether you're a small local business or a rapidly expanding chain, we offer plans for restaurants and hotels of all sizes. Explore our subscription tiers to find the perfect fit.


  • Black and White QR Code image
  • Responsive menu text that works with all devices
  • Ability to add your logo

* A link to our website will appear at the bottom of your menu with this plan


  • ALL features from basic plan
  • QR Code with gradient and/or logo
  • Optional header image on menu
  • Image pop-ups for individual food items can be added
  • Food key to label items with tags (spicy, vegan, raw, etc.)
  • Free from our branding
  • And more planed features coming soon!


A solution for those who have multiple menus and custom design needs!

Ready to ride the QR wave?